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Recent Customer Requests for Mold Removal

Moved into our home with water damaged that showed up a year after moving in. Dishwasher leaked under hardwood floors. Replace dishwasher but still need black mold removal.

Nikki G

Black mold removal estimate for my bathroom.

Aileen K

My home has no slab floor and no ventilation under house, Mold has been festering under me for 7 years,they are finally giving out, I will need all new floors throughout home and the mold that is on what little foundation I have needs cleaned and prevent from coming back, maybe a barrier of some sort should lay on the dirt floor 3 feet below.

Debbie R

We built our home 6 years ago. About 3 months after we moved in there was an odd death like smell. We thought maybe a mouse had got trapped in the wall and had died since we live on a farm area. But years passed by and the smell was still there. It was more noticable in the summer and it also comes and goes. Its just a really horrible smell that gives us headaches. Please come help.

Anadina G

Property that has the mold is a home with a a partial basement approximately 15x20 feet. What would the cost be for mold removal?

Ann G

A/C has been off for over one month, when the heat was last used. This week was the first time the HVAC has been used in a while, and there is a very strong mold smell. Have two AC systems in the house to cover 2300 square feet (Two Whirlpool 12 SEER units). Both require inspection, one possible remediation, and a plan for both to ensure mold prevention.

Lisa G

I am looking for a free estimate on the removal of black mold in my garage.

Kristin R

I have a room under my deck that I suspect has some mold or mildew issues and need someone to look at it and make a determination.

Larry W

I'm afraid we have a big mold problem in our basement.

Jennifer P

What does an inspection cost to tell us where the mold is coming from and what needs to be done?

Alice C

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