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Customers with Mold Removal needs

Would like to find out what it is... look's like black mold. Want it tested to see if it's Toxic black mold. What will it cost to remedy the situation?

Michael M

mold in wall in bedroom. Needs to have drywall removed (partially or completely), mold remediation done and the wall will then need to be insulated and re-drywalled.

Rita K

I am looking to buy a house. There is visible mold on the bedroom ceiling and baseboard. the plumbing was stolen which I believe caused the mold.

Tonya M

Leaking A/C unit Has been fixed and is drying out. Mold appears to be fluffy and white. Slight odor from the A/C's return vents. 1400 Sq Ft home.

Amos M

Need Mold removal in a foreclosure house and you can see it in basement. There are holes in roof also. It is a 3300sq ft house

Lisa R

attic had light musty smell but got worse this year. insulation may have gotten damp-.floor in attic -new furnace put in and now light musty smell is going through the whole house. mold, asbestos or just smelly insulation?

Jim R

House is a foreclosue and sat open for 3years, previous owner past away. have a dehumidifier and a/c system with U.V light. washed floors walls and ceilings but still have a smell and dehumidifier consistently filling with water, because of moistier. needs to be tested. young child lived in home recently but had to move out because causing asthma symptoms to him.

Angie P

a possible pipe leak, has caused a 12x12 room to have possible mold growth. Water entry is through the exterior wall. The carpet needs to be removed from the room, and a section of the exterior walls needs to be removed, and the studs need to be cleaned, as well as a Three pieces of furniture in the room. and some small items.

Michael G

I have mold under my bathroom tub caused by leaky pipes and a warmer, moist area. At this time I am mainly concerned about stopping the growth.

Peter K

in the ceiling below the bathroom ceiling seems dry but there appears to be mold spot about six inches by four inches

Keith I

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